50 Top IoT Authorities by IoT Institute

50 of the Top IoT Authorities

The Internet of Things Institute rounded up IoT rock stars and influential IoT organizations.

Amyx+ ranks 6 out of the top 50 IoT authorities in the world.


The CEO at Amyx+, an award-winning IoT strategy and innovation lab, Amyx was the winner of Cloud & DevOps World Innovation Award.

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About Amyx+

Winner of the Cloud & DevOps World Award for Most Innovative Vendor
Voted Top Global IoT Expert by Postscapes
Voted Top IoT Authority by the Internet of Things Institute

Amyx+ , an award-winning Internet of Things strategy & innovation lab, is working with international and multi-national enterprises to help 1) understand the impact of IoT disruptions, 2) formulate and sharpen their IoT strategy, 3) quantify the business case, 4) experiment, learn, validate, 5) develop game changing technologies and 6) launch innovative IoT products and services worldwide.

Our team of 50 PhDs, scientists, engineers and strategists are deep experts in the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, advanced data analytics, data visualization, blockchain, decentralized computing, standards and protocols, security, privacy, wearables, medtech and business transformation.

Our capabilities and service offerings are tailored specifically for the Internet of Things, with expertise in:

Strategy | Innovation | Product Development | Data Analytics

URL: http://amyxinternetofthings.com


About Affectio

Affectio Human Data Analytics
The interactive human data analytics platform.

Affectio is a human data analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence, mobile, wearables and the Internet of Things to reveal deep insights about people — how we feel, think, behave and engage brands.

Affectio enables brands to measure consumers’ emotional, cognitive, and behavioral reactions in real-time, enabling brands to heighten brand experience, increase brand loyalty and utilize data to accurately target products or services when it’s most desired by users.

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